Thursday, December 3, 2009

Almost Christmas time!

Oh, I do love Christmas. It is so hard to believe that beloved holiday is almost here! This Christmas is especially joyful as it is my first Christmas as a married woman! My husband and I have spent the last several Christmases together while we were dating, but this one feels so special since we actually have our own place to live and we can begin celebrating the holiday our way. So wonderful. We have our Christmas tree up now, and I am just so thrilled with it. For my first tree on my own, I think it is just about perfect. We went with an artificial tree, mostly because I was able to find this amazing 7" tree for $65 from! Here it is all put together and ready to be adorned! My husband was apparently hiding behind the tree when I took that, hence the 'scary claw' hand sticking out. Silly guy. I love the tree. Although I prefer to make my own ornaments, I've simply not had the time or the money to do so this year, so we bought a bunch of red and silver ones. I think they're beautiful. I did have a few ornaments to add to the tree this year, and I think they go very nicely. The green one here (with the red bow) is one that I crocheted.

And so, the final look!

Hope your Christmas decorating goes well!

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